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Hello from sunny Fl my name is Scott, I have a 2006 XE w 2.5 4cyl.

Last week on my way to work I felt a misfire checked the codes had 302 misfire cyl 2 on the weekend changed the plugs found a bad coil on #2 replaced it found oil in #3 plug cup replaced the valve cover which came with a new pcv valve replaced intake gaskets and torqued all intake fasteners to spec during the process I removed the throttle body cleaned it after it was all back together on initial startup (and all thereafter) motor runs up to 2000+ rpm on warm-up and surges at idle after from 1200 to 1800 found and ran the 3 relearn processes with key on/off cycles several times with the same results, I then loosened the intake manifold enough to verify gasket placement and re-torqued 2x it performs a expected during driving periods that requires rpm above 1800-2000 and a bit lower if your foot is on the accelerator ( this is a manual 5spd) but every time you release the pedal the surge begins I work for a local transit service and was able to try the relearn processes with a Snap-on scan tool only the IAVL ( idle air control) relearn process is a commanded one through the scanner the other 2 work the same w/key cycles same results I am going to hook up a smoke machine to it tonight and verify what I believe ( no vacuum leaks), bad throttle body due to my poor decision making that damaged it internally.

As the throttle bodies can be quite costly for this unit my questions to this forum are as follows

1 has anyone ever encountered this issue if so what fixed it
2 where can I get a reasonably priced reliable rebuilt throttle body these range wildly in price
3 why is the 2.5 TB so much more than 1 for a 4.0

Thanks in advance for your help

I have been a night lead transit tech for the past 6yrs most of our units do not use throttle bodies especially electronic
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