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06 nismo---- Hi-Lo range shifting practice

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My NEW (to me) 06 nismo V6 automatic seems to take a few cycles of shifting from NEUTRAL to FORWARD and back to finally lock IN or OUT
of FWD HI to FWD LO and visa versa.
Is that normal?
Are there any exterior linkeages on the transfer case to lube or is it all internallly done?
I changed the fluids but no difference noted.
I couldn't find any write-ups here on the forum.
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changing from 2wd to 4wd hi is best done while rolling (i find with no throttle and wheels straight) or at least stopped but with the truck able to move a bit. it needs to be able to sync up the gears to pop in.

to get into 4lo you need to be in neutral and thats it, it wont go into lo if your not in neutral, thats pretty much a standard with electronic 4lo. also needs to be in a spot where the truck can move.

i find the switches sometimes take a while but this is what i have found works best, definitely dont be rammy with it. i also have an 06 nismo auto
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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