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My truck just hit 100K mark a few weeks ago. In the next month or two I plan on doing a bit of upgrading and would like to knock out an maintenance that I can on top of my usual main.

Suspension upgrade: CST spindle, Bilstein 5100 adjust: set at 1", 5" front lift, 2" AAL, 2" Shackle, Bilstein 5125, 4" Rear Lift
Alignment: Rough Country alignment bolts,
Performance: AEM ebay clone intake with AEM Filter
Interior: LED map and dome Light conversion, change cabin filter
Exterior: 1.25" wheel adapters on rear to match 1" additional width from spindles up front.
Brakes: Goodrich +4ext brake line. While brakes are apart i have a G2 brake caliper paint figured Id just paint the calipers.
Fluids: Change oil and oil filter.

Now what else should I do? My brakes have been feeling kinda soft so Ill need to check my pads.
Whats a good brand brake pad and/or rotor? I was looking at the power stop kit, but wasn't sure if the drilled slotted would suit a truck.

Sparkplugs/wires? Will these need to be replaced?

Any other fluids or things you would change? I will probably need more brake fluid since I will be messing with the brakes alot. Any engine additives lucas/seafoam.

I'll have the whole weekend with my stepdad whos a mechanic to give me a hand so I just wanted to get the most out of the weekend.

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Is this a truck you bought new? Do you know if all the recommended maintenance has been done on it? Check the manual to see what recommended maintenance is for this mileage.

If you bought this truck used you should look at changing all of the fluids including coolant and even power steering. Yes it is time to change the plugs. As far as brakes go, You may want to contact R1 Concepts, check the link in site vendors, they seem to have packages at a pretty good price if you contact them through this site. Really will be up to how far you want to go with what you might want to install.

Since you are replacing the brake lines anyway, you may as well as refresh the entire system and fully flush it. Everything depends on how much money you want to spend but this is a great time to just get it all done and nice and new.

Have fun!!!!
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