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06 Frontier 4x4 LE

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Just got my Frontier last week and love it (pics coming soon). I am new to trucks and was just wandering if the brake being a little soft is normal or should I have them checked out? I am used to a hard brake pedal and just wandering if it is me or the truck?
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welcome to clubfrontier
Welcome!!! :) The brakes on the 2k5/2k6 should be pretty firm, but not overly hard. As long as they are VERY consistent and the pedal travel is the same each time I would feel pretty good about it.

How many miles are on the current brakes and have you had a free inspection done on them to determine pad thickness?

The brakes on our 2k5 LE have been great and very consistent. Post up a bit more info about the specs on your new love in your life!! ;)
It has 50k miles and I don't know when the last brake job was done. The brake pedal is consistent, I just have to push the pedal further in than I am used to. My last car was a Honda Civic.

It is white and the only option that it doesn't have is the Rockford Fosgate stereo. I am planning on upgrading the stereo to my Kenwood kvt-512 w/navi, just not sure of were to install the navi unit or the iPod cable. It also has LoJack (packaged with my warranty).
I just bought my 07 crew cab today, and the first (negative) thing i noticed was that the brakes went half way to the floor. The rotors look fresh and pads are visible, so I am assuming its just SOP. I will let you guys know if i wreck. -ha
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