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Here's some background on my truck:
06 CC 4.0 Auto
I've removed the trans lines from the radiator so I don't have that antifreeze\tranny fluid mix issue.

I ran into an issue over the weekend. I was going out of town on a camping trip and drove about an hour away to my first destination. No problems, the truck shifts fine and down shifts fine. I get all the gear and people loaded. Start driving and I notice my truck won't accelerate very quickly and shifts at low RPMs (roughly 2500-3000). It also won't downshift when I step on the peddle. But I find that I can downshift if I turn off overdrive and\or shift down on the shifter. Then later on I notice that when I turn on cruise control, the "Set" light keeps blinking. This happened throughout Friday and when I got home on Saturday. On Sunday, The truck goes back to normal and has been today. No CEL lights were\are on. The only indicator I had was the cruise control switch "Set" light blinking and the low rpm shifting.

Checking out the FSM and forums, I can find the issue where the "Set" light blinks and it tying into the ASCD. But nothing on the tranny's rpm shift and no downshifting. Anyone else experience this? Called the dealer and I'm waiting back to hear what they say.
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