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05 nismo

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as of right now its not really a build. i just like keeping records of what i do. i plan on tswap and some shrocked items by the end of 2013 but we will see how it plays out.

so far this is what i have and done.
i picked up this 2005 nismo king cab with right at 100k for a decent price.
the tires were bad, brakes shot, windshield cracked, cel on (o2 sensor, fuel level sensor) abs, slip, vdc from gsensor, steering wheel sensor and abs actuator. now just slip and vdc on from actuator which is a massive rip off imo. tire pressure sensor on too. and the belt and tensioner was toast

i think that covers the bad, oh ahaha wait the interior smelled like a dogs *** hole.

first thing i got it in for tires and an alignment, got the windshield replaced, did an oil change. took it into the dealer for a 100 point check or whatever. i have trans, xcase, front and rear diff fluids on the way.

heres some pics from the night i got it.

heres from today, although i am super happy i have a house with a two car garage now. its not heated and it was a balmy 25* today. so it was up at the warehouse for maint:) pulling stuff off to grab the belt and tensioner

lol i did a little back and fourth. replaced cabin filter as well.


all on and running smooth and quiet:)

the interior needed a good clean as well

bay was dirty as balls.

slightly better

got all the gay stickers off and debaged it

more updates as they arrive. :nana:
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Looking good man. The TS will be fun to follow.

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Looks good! I got a kick outta that pic of the drivers side and all the change on the floor....
playing around at the warehouse today. pulled out spare tire, which by the way i have a 5th nismo rim which i wasnt aware of. score.

removed all the spare tire crap, the carry baby stuff and found a storage locker for my tow strap.

threw my hitch, clevises, and all the ratchet straps in the little storage box.

me pulling the spare tire chain mount out.
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so i had a cel due to fuel level and the front passenger o2 sensor.
both easily done. i love my bat powered impact. heres some from the snow we had

heres the old/new o2 sensors

new fuel level sensor

dropping gas tank

pulling fuel system out and cleaning as i go

that thing is huge as ****.



new one going back in.

all together and cleaned up

all back together and bolted back under the truck.

im hoping after the ecu cycles back through it keeps the cel away. running good now though!
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Get a Superchips Cortex - the tunes are good for that year and they read/clear codes.
duly noted, def looking into nabbing it over this summer.
filled up today and drove roughly 70 miles, no cel and netting 19mpg instead of the normal 13.8 ive been getting lately.

in other news i had some stuff come in. all new fluids for drain and fill on trans, xcase fluid, and both difs. pads and rotors all around. only waiting on the small tube for trans bypass. this is shaping up to be a fun little weekend. cant beat all of this for just under 300$:)

waiting to hear back on the bulk of my tswap. ive got most parts ready and priced at 500$ but i may be able to get some bones off and have it all brand new. ill keep that updated though.
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so i got a piss ton of work done today. and two broken fingers. lol jk but maybe.
i got all 4 rotors and pads changed, and got the front and rear difs changed. and the xcase fluid as well. i really wanted to get the trans fluid changed, but my bypass tube hasnt made its way in yet and i didnt wanna go spend more money on another one.

table all ready

hahha i had the tripod out today

ty working on a 370

brakes all done, nothing major or hard to do with them. i just like keeping good records.
ALL of the fluids i replaced today were horrendous. holy ****. i didnt take pics of all the fluid replacement because my fingers were hurting and i was tired and ready to go home. front diff is i would say the worst of the three i did. but if you have a tube about 3.5' and a small funnel you can route it through the engine bay and easy as pie.

my ujoints all need replaced as well. that should be getting done over the next couple weeks. getting a lot of clicking noise at low speeds and vibrations up higher.

and soon when all the maintaining is over, the modding will begin:)
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Looking good so far dude. previous owner must have been a complete [email protected] Lol
Can't wait to see it with the t-swap,
Previous owner was a ****ing tard.

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so i did a drain and fill tonight. as well as removing the pan and inspecting for major chunks or a milky surprise in the bottom. i was expecting it to be horrible since all the other fluids in the truck so far have been beyond bad. i was however surprised and impressed. the fluid was very dark, but didnt smell burnt and the pan was the best one id seen out of the 4 total ive dropped now. and the other three were under 50k. that factor, the fluid, and a couple other small things lead me to believe the trans has been replaced. nothing confirming, just a thought. im going to have the dealer check the maint records next time im there.

i only have a couple more minor things that the last owner should have done and im going to start modding! :)

pulling everything off for bypass

wooh that was easy!

got all of 3.5qts out before dropping the pan. if the truck sat level instead of a rake it would have gotten another qt.

the pan. here is were i was really surprised. there is almost no metal shavings at ALL, the fluid at the bottom was the same consistency and no sludge. i was happy to see this.

heres the trans with no pan. see screen, and speed sensor wires running through.

pan! clean

lol not much of a workbench but oh well

overall i got 5qts and some change out, and some good peace of mind after seeing the pan and doing the bypass.
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got my titan uppers in today off a 2011 for 50$ shipped. cant beat that.
my other parts i got an insane hookup on. all brand new. axles, inners and outers, lower control arms. all for 330$ sitting good right now at total investment of 380 on the total swap. trying to decide if its worth it at this point to get the m205. and i honestly would if i got a killer deal on it. but its not needed for what i do.

going to shoot for some spacers in the begging. but eventually step it up with some coilovers and a full rear pack since the truck is trucking at 100k.
more updates as they arrive.
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been slacking a lot lately. got a new alt on, red top battery, changed pcv valve, and all spark plugs. ordered 2" spacers, and putting together the rest of my tswap as well as ordered superchips today.
Glad everything is coming together man. I'm ready to replace my battery, spark plugs, and other various things as well. Crank sensor went out last week while I was driving. Scared the **** outta me lol.

Picking up some PRG UCAs tomorrow :D sticking with the spacers for now till I can get the funding for some COs.

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Get your **** together Andrew! And that goes for you too NC.
I need to do something about my flat *** leafs.

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thats the next on the list. i got the 2" spacers and i know ill have a front end rake now. im just going to hit up a junk yard for a spare leaf for now. then eventually get the deaver pack when i tswap. which will be sooner rather than later by the way.

so far i have under 400$ in it and i have everything but the extended tie rods. just trying to think if i am going to get titan inners and outers as opposed to just throwing an extension on.
Are you gonna buy a pack or piece a custom one?

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