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Does anyone here have the Truxedo Truxport Tonneau Cover on their 05 King Cab?

Doing research on a cover again, getting tired of waiting on UnderCover to come out with a cover for our trucks, and like the roll-up design. As I was researching the Truxport it appears the rails mount to the top of the bed rails rather than the inside like the Lo-Pro and other roll-up covers. Being as I have the Utili-Track with the sliding bed extender, I know you need an adapter to use this accessory on the Lo-Pro and other similar designs. Can the Utili-Track and the sliding bed extender be used with the Truxport without any adapter of modifications?

How is fit, finish and quality compared to the Lo-Pro and similar models?

Does it flap in the wind at highway speeds?

Thanks for your replies!
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