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05 Frontier Nismo cranks but won't start intermittently

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Hi all,

It started few months ago with my 05 Frontier. Sometimes when I go to start the truck it will turn over but not fire but once it starts, it runs perfect. It happened again this morning, the car started up no problem the first thing in the morning and I drove it for about 10 miles then turn off the engine. Five minute later I tried to start the truck, it cranked but wouldn't start and I even tried the trick that turn the key to On position and wait for few seconds. I tried a couple times to no avail then I decided to let it sit for couple minutes and tried again and this time it just fired up like nothing happened. The battery is good and I replaced the fuel pump, both camshaft position sensors and crankshaft position sensor last year. I did quite a bit of research on this problem and it looks to me that it happens to different across all Nissan models and not limited to Frontier alone. But so far no concrete answer to the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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How many miles? Spark plugs old/fresh?
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