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I saw another member on here post about the automatic transmission not shifting into reverse. Mine too. I have 59000 miles, I have changed the oil, and serviced exactly as per schedule. When I shift into reverse it doesny engage reverse unless I gas it...and that is only sometimes. I have to get upwards of 5k rpm in some cases...this only started happening yesterday, and I had fluid changed again to no avail.

I'm preparing to have some jackass in LA (I'm from Tucson but am in LA this week) tell me I need a new transmission at $5,000.00 bucks. If thats the case I'm driving the truck into the ocean.

Since 45k miles I have had to replace hoses on AC, the radiator fan which basically exploded, engine mounts and now this? Man my truck is so damn cool, so powerful so great, but this is the last straw. If this transmission is bad I'm done with Nissan.

Any suggestions before I get to the Nissan dealer tomorrow would be helpful, but I'm sure you are just going to tell me to take it in. I already reset the computer and checked fuses, and the only thing that did was make my alarm clicker not honk the horn anymore.

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