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// 05 Engine noise?

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- Just wondering if anyone is hearing the same noise ...

is it just me or does the cooling fan sound excessive when accelerating?
I can barely hear the engine when floored... due to the loud fan..

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Engine Noise

IMHO, I like the sound of the engine. Fan or not.

This NISSAN has some incredible power--it's funny to let my girlfriend drive and to feel her totally LUNGE the truck forward when she hits the gas pedal...cause she's so used to having to mash down her wimpy car's gas pedal. When only a touch of the Frontier's pedal is needed. LOL.

I'm glad to have one of the few remaining engines that actually has a belt driven fan. I figure most these days are plastic electric motors--BUT NOT MY NISSAN!!!!! Woot!

So, that's a "negative" from me there feller.

: O )
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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