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05 4wd......

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ok im freaking pissed this truck is about to go to hell.

does anyone have issues with their 4wd, cuz mine feels more like its in 2wd!! its the worst 4wd ive ever seen, and thanks to the pos i put my BRAND NEW TRUCK INTO A TREE!!!!! please please please tell me there is something wrong with my 4wd or its just the crappy stock tires. the 2000 kicked more *** in 2wd than this truck does in 4..... very very mad!!!

and also the 4wd wouldnt kick out.....

i stopped, put it in 2 and hit drive and drove it wouldnt go out, so i stopped and tryed the reverse trick, still wouldnt go out. i shut the truck off and turned it back on, still wouldnt go out!!! finally i turned the truck off, shifted into 4 then back to 2, turned the truck back on and it went out.... WTF! im really hoping my 4wd is just a pos, because when my back tires were spinning in the mud my front wasnt doing a damn thing.

and like i said, now i got a nice dent in my brand new truck thanks to this crappy *** 4wd system.... :evil:
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Frontin said:
oh man i totally take back my previous statments. i had to haul 2 ton of hay today up and down a muddy hill side, 4 high didnt even spin a tire, just trucked right up it!! thats what im talking about, now im driving a nissan again. i played with the locker, when it engauges it stays on solid, doesnt blink. and boy does it kick *** lol. i FREAKING LOVE MY NEW TRUCK! all except that damn 1400$ dent lol.
i'm glad to hear you are back to loving the frontier. it is definitely the best truck i have ever had. the 4wd rocks. i wish i had a rear locker even if i have never felt the need for it with the moderate wheeling that i do.
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