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04 CC 3"lift blacked out chrome!

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We'll after a little time, sweat, blood and cash my 04 Fronty is done!
Installed a 3" Susp. lift, Volant Cold Air Box, and painted my stock rims, push bar, rear bumper, steps
Well needless to say after only 6 years on the road the front cam bolts where being a ***** to get out! I don't mess around, a little grinding and the use of a saw-all I got the old upper control arms off!

And here is the front ended completed with idle control arm stiffener in place and new torsion bars!

3" Rear lift spring packs instead of blocks! I also changed out the rear OEM springs with a new set! See next picture to see how flatten out the OEM ones where!

What do you guys think? I like the "I am Legend" look!

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Very nice - also the best bed cap i've seen. What is it? It matches the window size well.
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