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03 nissan frontier SC(new member)

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hey everyone,
i got my frontier last year, put a grille guard on it. now looking to lift it a few inches. I don't like the angled look it has on it. Wondering if anyone knew how I can lift the front a few inches so it looks level, i noticed leveling kits weren't available for my model because of the torsion bars? is that correct?
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welcome to clubfrontier you should look around in the first gen forum in here im sure youll get all the answers you need :)
crank the bars man,crank the bars.......
so cranking the torsion bars will give me a few inches in the front?
Yes, it can lift the front.
One thing to note is the back is higher so when you put a load in the back, or hook up a trailer the truck will level out rather than sag.
See the engineers at Nissan know their stuff.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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