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00-04 Dash and Tonneau

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00-04 Dash

I am selling off the dash panel I have that I used to add a gauge to my truck. The panel has a 2" hole cut for a gauge... I'm sure with a little sanding you could get it to 2 1/16 if needed. The panel only has 4 small holes near the bottom where I mounted my brake control. If you have a prodigy brake control, the holes are already drilled.

I am including the rocker switch that is installed in the one block-off plate.

Here's a link to the how-to that I did:

$30 Shipped to the Lower 48
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welcome to offers...

can u post pics of the tonneau cover and were do u live
I can get some actual pics of the cover probably around wednesday. Its raining here until then.

I did pull the manual that I have and here it is:

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Despite the FREEZING Temps, I got some pics today of the cover!

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I checked on shipping rates and its not that bad... generally around $20 for the Tonneau
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