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  1. Side Mirror Wiring Replacement

    Exterior Mods
    Hey all, I just found this site and I gotta say, very helpful. My side view mirror was recently knocked clean off one morning and I needed a replacement. I have a 2014 Frontier SV and the mirrors are powered. I tried looking in the door panel for the correct plugs but its all just a maze to me...
  2. Wiring question

    Audio / Video
    hey errybody... so - when running new speaker wire to the front (I am installing JL 690) and will be using the provided inline cross-over - but want to run new wires, should I solder from the Factory harness, or solder to the AM harness, and just dead-end (or de-pin) where it connects to the...
  3. 2nd Gen Fuel Pump and Ignition Relay Locations

    DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    I'm thinking of adding a fuel pump and/or ignition kill switch. Does anyone know where the fuel pump relay is in a D40? Most of the results in a search on here are for first-gens.
  4. Best way to wire Garmin "parking mode" cable for dashcam

    Audio / Video
    I'm looking to permanently integrate my Garmin camera through this parking mode cable: Hookup location would be behind the dash, where I have easy access to the same connections the radio harness has. Obviously ground goes to a spot on that rail behind the radio, but what should I connect the...