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water pump

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    so this totally happened last night, trying to replace water pump, spent hours on that cam bolt and finally break it loose just so this can happen within first couple turns on the gear pullers. Pick n Pull here I come
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    Hello everyone, I just joined and wanted to learn more about my 2015 4 cylinder Frontier. I’ve had it for two years, no problem. Sporadic oil changes, but I never had oil issues. Last week my water pump suddenly broke it’s bearings and I stopped for a tow home. Today I replaced the pump but now...
  3. 1st Gen Hangout
    So I successfully installed a new radiator in my 2000 3.3v6 4x4 and everything was fine, until the lower hose came loose and spilling all coolant and I was running dry for god only knows how long. When I started to overheat, immediately pulled over and reattached the hose and added more 50/50. I...