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  1. Suspension
    There's some kind of "knock" going on in the front part of my 2011 4x4 CC. I liken the sound to a pool ball hitting metal suspension parts. I have been pulling my hair out and wasting money on parts trying to fix it, but with no success. I took it to my local suspension/alignment place and they...
  2. Suspension
    So I installed a total of 4in in lift so far with 2in ADO bilstein add a leaf with additions 2in body lift. Then installed 295/75/r16 with a bit of trimming. I travel for work, and today the lady drove my truck (as she always does when I leave) and called me saying that she thinks the...
  3. General Discussion
    I have a 2018 crew cab SV. OE shocks weren’t stout enough so I replaced them with Bilstein on front and rear. Now I have a noise over small bumps at low speeds. Auto shop says it’s not related to shocks/struts but likely in the steering gear. They can recreate the noise by tapping on the...
1-3 of 3 Results