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  1. 2nd Gen - DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    In anticipation of some towing and wanting to avoid a fried transmission I picked up a Scangauge 3. I was able to get coolant temp, engine oil temp, transmission temp, and air intake temp easily. Unfortunately the TPMS codes I'd gotten some years ago were apparently not applicable to the 2015...
  2. 2nd Gen - Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    All 5 sensors have been tested by Discount Tire and are active and reading. Tire Pressure light stays solid. I have read up on a reset button. NO CLUE where to find it...looked everywhere, read everything I can find. So stupid. Please help. 2005 Nissan Frontier Nismo Thanks in advance.
  3. 2nd Gen - Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Hi Folks, New owner of a 2013 Frontier SV. The TPMS warning light has been illuminated since I got it. Tires look and feel OK. Currently inflated at 32 psi. How does this thing work? The owner's manual doesn't say much about how this system actually works. The valve stem caps look chunky, do...
  4. General Discussion
    Looking for some advice. About to buy this used bad boy and it has a few things to be replaced; valve cover has some leaking going on, will tighten bolts first but if that doesn't work, how difficult of a DIY project is this? Shop said they would charge $280, seems crazy with a $10 part! Any...
1-4 of 5 Results