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  1. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Aluminum hard rolling cover. Used. Fits a Gen 2 Nissan Frontier Crew cab, 5 foot bed. (specifically used on a 2016 Frontier Pro-4X). Felt underlining has come unglued (an issue with these specific covers). (Nothing really wrong with the cover, just moving to the newest model from Bak.) This...
    $400 USD
  2. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    I just finished installing my bed cover. I had installed a Diamondback but it was too much of a hassle trying to get it closed correctly so I returned it and got the Retrax Pro XR. It’s so much better in so many ways. Pictures of both covers for comparison.
  3. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Installed the Undercover Armour Flex tonneau on my Pro4X. Had to mess around with it a little to get it to close and latch smoothly. It’s also not 100% waterproof. Would be nice if it was, but I don’t carry around anything that it’s necessary. All in all, fairly worth it
  4. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Anyone installed bed crossbar like billiebars or kb voodoo over tonneau cover?
  5. Buy/Sell/Trade Diamondback HD hard bed cover. These retail for $1899 and this one is in "like new" condition. The installation manual and all four keys are included. Asking $900 OBO. I will even help you install it right in my...
    $900 USD
  6. 3rd Gen - DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    Hi guys I bought this tonneau cover over 1 month ago and I have to admit it was a good deal for the price. I bought it on ebay for over $215 including tax. Easy to install on my 2022 pro4x
  7. Parts
    Used but like new Rough Country Hard Flush Tri-Fold Bed Cover. Only had on my truck for 2 months and is still in perfect condition. Just decided to go a different route with my bed cover. This model will fit 05-22 Nissan Frontier with 5’ bed. Local Louisville KY pickup only.
    $550 USD
  8. Parts
    I going to have a 6ft soft folding cover that will be available for the month of January. I drive down from up north and I have a hard cover to install while I'm down. The soft cover is in excellent shape. There's nothing wrong with it. If someone is interested I'll take some pictures...
  9. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Will a tonneau cover for a 2021 fit the 2022? I don't know if the bed size has changed and I can't find the actual dimensions anywhere. I also can't find any that are specifically for the 22 yet... Thanks!
  10. Parts
    I'm selling my 2014 KC and have the chance to remove some of the upgrades and pass them on the another Frontier fan instead of surrendering it all to the dealership. I'm pricing things individually, but I would be happiest to let it all go as one, so make any offers with that in mind. I'm...
  11. Parts
    Just upgraded my 2010 P4X KC suspension and have some stock components. Don't expect to get much just want these to go to a good home. Would prefer local pick up in/around the bay area. UCAs, coils, leafs: Durevo Universal Truck Bed Bars (works with tonneau covers): Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau...
  12. 2nd Gen - Exterior
    Hello all, I've been looking into getting a chase rack, something like the Armordillo USA 7180345 CR1 Chase Rack, but I also wanted to have the ability to use a tonneau cover when possible. Does anyone know if that's possible? I thought I saw one chase rack design that had a raised section as...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Recently got a 2018 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Desert Runner with drop in bed liner, looking to install a tri-fold soft cover, any suggestions? I read that the bed liner can interfere with the installation, any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Parts
    2 months old. All original packing and mounting included. Local pickup / delivery near Chicago. Shipped at buyers cost.
  15. New Member Introductions
    I want a slim, flush fit for my 2006 Frontier, but I don’t want to break the bank. There are a few local Retrax covers for sale for various other trucks. Does anyone know of other trucks that may have the same width between the bed caps as the ‘06 Frontier?
  16. 2nd Gen - Exterior
    I have a bed tent that I use for camping, I am going on a fairly long roadtrip and want to make sure everything is nice and secure on the way so i'd like to add on a tonneau cover, I plan on camping when I get to my destination. My tent specifies that it can support a tonneau that rolls up to a...
  17. Parts
    Tonneau cover, Tyger model TOPRO roll up, fits 2005 and newer Nissan Frontier short bed ( I had it on a 2017 CC short bed). Like new condition, used only 8 months (went to a fiberglass cap). Comes with mounting hardware, storage bag and original shipping box. $120/offer. Prefer not to ship...
  18. Parts
    I took it off my 2015 Nissan Frontier, 6' bed, to install a camper top. The cover is in good condition - just a few scratches and small dents. I bought the Frontier used from a Calgary dealer so I don't have paperwork on the cover and there's no model/SN on the cover itself. (Just a few white...
1-19 of 19 Results