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  1. 2nd Gen - DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    Hey everyone, So I’m back with my 2010 v6 manual. I’ve been aware of a leak from the bottom coolant line for a awhile but put it off until I had time to replace it. Yesterday I found time to get it done, filled it back up, burped the system.Ran the engine for a bit to check pressure, temp, and...
  2. 2nd Gen - Drivetrain Discussions
    Hey all, Well I love my truck, but it's been giving me headaches recently. I've got an overheating issue that I can't figure out. Back in November last yr it was getting too hot when I drove at highway speeds. The gauge went up to about 1/8th-3/16th inches to the 'too hot' line, so I replaced...
  3. 2nd Gen - Drivetrain Discussions
    I'm having intermittent issues with HVAC blowing cold air at idle (but not while in motion) on my 4.0L / 6-cyl 2016 Frontier S with 4WD. The temperature gauge doesn't bounce based on load/idle or indicate high temperatures at any time. I'm going to check my fluid levels as described by @The...
1-3 of 3 Results