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    I have a 2016 Nissan Frontier. I installed a line output converter to enable aftermarket sub, but loc will only stay working about a minute. It will shut down, and shut the amp/sub down. No blowing fuses, no protection mode. I can detach ground, then reattach, and it will work again for another...
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    I am trying to figure out how to install either 4 or 6, 6.5” scar audio subwoofers to my frontier. I want to have them front facing under my rear seats. Would someone be able to help with the dimensions for a sub box. I am getting really confused due to the curved part under the driver side rear...
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    Hi all, since there are no posts about this - here is a quick write up on what I did to maintain use of the 2 Rockford Fosgate subs under the rear seat in the crew cab models. This is a fairly simple task but it isn't exactly easy because of space constraints. *I have a 2012 Frontier Pro4x...
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    I just recently purchased a JBL Stage 800ba powered sub. It has a pretty small amp so it doesn't really need direct power from the battery. Does anyone know of any existing power sources i could tap into? I have a 6sp which makes it difficult to enter the firewall without cutting up the existing...
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    Nissan Frontier 2005-2015 Crew Cab Truck Dual 10" Sealed Sub Box Enclosure for sale. I’m trying to get this thing out of my basement after recently trading in my Frontier. I posted it on eBay for $100 after finding that $113 is the next cheapest option online, but willing to negotiate on my price.
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    So I’m looking to get some subs for my 2017 CC, and I previously had two 12” JBL’s in my last car. Picked up this truck about 6 months ago and it’s time for an upgrade. I’m having issues finding an enclosure that will hold two 12’s, but I’m not sure if two 12’s would sound any good in that small...