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starting issues

  1. Replaced camshaft sensor. Help!

    4 Banger Lounge
    I recently just got my truck running again. It drove around 15-20 miles testing it out around small town. It stalled out and threw a code for misfire cylinder one and camshaft sensor. I replaced the sensor. And found out the pigtail was faulty so I replaced that as well today spliced a new...
  2. Truck is kicking and other issues

    General Discussion
    I have a 2012 frontier pro 4x with about 105,000 miles. It doesn’t happen every time but sometimes when I’m parked with the engine running the rpms will drop and the truck will turn off, sometimes it’s drops, almost turns off and the goes back up again. Other times will driving, the truck gives...
  3. 06 SE Clutch Replacement - trick won’t start

    Drivetrain Discussions
    I just replaced the clutch disk, pressure plate, and throw out bearing in my 06 SE put everything back together and now the truck won’t start. All seems good but starter won’t even turn. Did not remove the flywheel during the install.