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  1. Update SOLD!!! Softopper for 55in 2000-2004 frontier

    Softopper black canvas top used but in great shape. . Foldable camper shell, Light weight, durable, and waterproof Model number NF55 Fits 2000-2004 55in Nissan Frontier short bed Works perfect, Nothing wrong with it. All it needs is the bed rails from softopper so it can mount to your truck...
  2. Bestop

    General Discussion
    There were a few older posts about this, but since it’s 2020, I wanted to start a new thread to see if anyone had new experiences since 2014(last post). Has anyone successfully installed a Bestop Supertop model 76308-35 meant for a 2005-2017 Tacoma 5ft bed on their Frontier? There’s a crazy...