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  1. Some stock suspension parts

    I've got front and rear shocks with 34k on them, front camber bolts, and rear shackles and bolts. Put on a leveling kit and bilstein shocks right after I bought this truck. I dont want to throw them away. Offer what you want for any of the parts (like you had a shock go bad, snapped a shackle...
  2. Suspension Swap and Noise Help 2005 Frontier SE 4X4

    General Discussion
    Hello I just recently swamped out the front coils, and shocks on my 2005 Nissan Frontier, see parts below I put in new strut mounts and springs. The ride is definitely better, the front end rides higher and is stiffer with more control. My concern is that when I drive over any bump, it is...
  3. Lowering Frontier

    1st Gen Hangout
    Hey everyone, I'm the proud new owner of a 2000 Frontier 2.4L 2wd! I'm wanting to do a 2 in. torsion drop in the front and 3 in. drop blocks in the rear. I was curious what length shocks I should go with? The shocks that are on it now are already blown, so it's in need on new shocks anyway...
  4. Noise after new shocks.

    General Discussion
    I have a 2018 crew cab SV. OE shocks weren’t stout enough so I replaced them with Bilstein on front and rear. Now I have a noise over small bumps at low speeds. Auto shop says it’s not related to shocks/struts but likely in the steering gear. They can recreate the noise by tapping on the...