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  1. Nissan Frontier King cab roof rack

    Exterior Mods
    Hello, I have a 2015 SV King cab and I have been trying to get a roof rack for it. I am looking for a Prinsu, Front runner of Rhino style low profile platform rack. I know Prinsu makes an access cab rack for the Toyota Tacoma. I was wondering how far off the dimensions are between the cabs of...
  2. 07' NISMO FRONTIER 4X4 CREW CAB (engines blown)

    Pretty much stock Nismo frontier, (except for Volant cold air intake, headlights) starting having engine/power troubles, took it in too my mechanic. was told engine needs to be replaced; bottom end is done, cam shaft due to high (highway) mileage 257k. Engine still turns and fires up just...
  3. 2016 pro4x king caber here

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My 2002 Xterra w/3” lift running 33”s with a sleeper in the back died on me in AZ and jet the scrap yard. Buttttttt now I’m a proud new frontier guy w/ a 2016 pro/4x king cab w/ a cap on the back , I’ve built a sleeper in the back on top of a...
  4. Luggage rack install

    1st Gen Hangout
    I have a 03 CC I recently purchased a OEM Luggage rack from online salvage co. to make the truck look COOL ? for my newly driving teen. I have all the pieces and bolts except the air dam piece that said NISSAN. The question; is there a reinforcement plate that goes under the exterior skin above...
  5. Installing a Roof Rack on a Nissan Crew Cab Frontier

    General Discussion
    (This is not an advertisement for any product...I am simply sharing what and where I got the various items for your benefit...but do your research to be sure) I installed a roof rack today on my 2012 Nissan crew cab. I have never installed anything on a vehicle before, so this was totally new...
  6. 2018 Roof Rack - Recommendations?

    Exterior Mods
    Hey! I have a 2018 Frontier and I'm thinking about putting on a roof rack. I've got a couple questions: Does anyone recommend a good roof rack brand? I'm open to a different looking roof rack, but I generally like the OEM versions Is it easy to install a roof rack? Does anyone have a roof...