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  1. Fancy metal off-road bumpers

    Exterior Mods
    I have a 2014 frontier. Bob has a 1999. Bob is dumb. Bob killed his truck. Bob is selling his truck because he killed it. Bob's truck has after market bumpers that are likely worth more than Bob's truck. I don't know if his name is Bob. But it's on Craigslist. I know there won't be much...
  2. Rear bumper relocation after 2" body lift

    Exterior Mods
    Does anyone know how to relocate the rear bumper after a 2" body lift? I've been searching high n low for any information or procedures but no luck. I'm gonna do a 2" body lift on my 2014 Frontier. I've heard of a couple guys saying you can drill 2 holes in the bumper itself to have it sit a lil...
  3. rear bumper wisdom. does xterra fit? other cross model compatibility? etc?

    1st Gen Hangout
    Hello, I've finally removed my 2003 frontier crunched rear bumper. I need to replace it and will probably replace the brackets. It looks like I will probably try to find at a local yard tomorrow. I'm wondering does Xterra or other model have the same bumper and mounts? Finally if I decide...
  4. Backup Sonar Bracket Question

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know if this bracket is the same bracket that Frontiers use to hold the sonar sensors? It's easy to find eBay sonars for the Frontier but I can't find the actual bracket. Someone bumped into me, so I need a new bracket as one of mine is squished...
  5. CJD Racing High Clearance Rear Bumper

    Exterior Mods
    Anyone on ClubFrontier rocking this high clearance rear bumper? I've only seen one example of a truck rocking this, and it's a rather wild (read:AWESOME) build. Additional pics of the build...