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  1. 3rd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    Hello all, I am wanting to install some raptor lights in the grille of my 22 Frontier Pro-X but I want them to be triggered by the DRLs. When the DRLs are ON the raptor lights are ON and when the DRLs are OFF the raptor lights turn OFF. Does anyone know what wires I need to splice into to...
  2. 2nd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    For my first ever lighting project, I say I didn’t do bad.
  3. 2nd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    Wanted to spice up the front end of my ‘09 frontier. Bought some 7mm LED Amber bolts from and wired them to the headlights, and then siliconed them in place on the grill.
1-4 of 4 Results