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  1. Parts
    Radflo 2.0 shocks for frontier or xterra. These are titan swap length, but could work for similar height non titan swap. 24" eye to eye. No leaks and willing to ship.
    $300 USD
  2. New Member Introductions
    So I just bought a desert tan Pro4X crew can and love the design and ride. That said not even a full week into enjoying it and I lost SiriusXM and the screen constantly resets every 10 minutes regardless of what you have selected. Took it to dealer for a quick fix and they say Nissan...
  3. Parts
    These are extended travel that have been modified to work for a titan swap. They are 17.5" with a 1/2" spacer on top, the internal spacer has been removed. They will not give you quite as much travel as purpose built titan swap coilovers. About 25k miles on them. 600lb springs.
    $850 USD
  4. Parts
    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell a set of titan swap radflo 2.5" front coilovers with 600# springs. I ordered them back in July for preparation for a Moab trip in November. They did not make it until 3 weeks after my trip. I no longer have a use for them, and am hoping to sell to someone else...
  5. 2nd Gen - Suspension
    What up all, I've recently started the first mods to my truck (2012 SV 4x4, Manual, completely stock before starting this project) and am having some issues. Hoping someone more knowledgeable might know what I've got wrong here. I got the 3" extended travel Radflo kit from Nisstec with 600lb...
  6. New Member Introductions
    My names Daniel, Corpus Christi TX, and per rules, this is my intro to join ClubFrontier. I've had my frontier for a year now after my poor 2010 Jeep transmission decided it wanted to go to heaven. It's a 2019 Pro4x, just had the shop install a 3" nisstec radflo kit. I've installed 285/70/17...
  7. 2nd Gen - Suspension
    There's some kind of "knock" going on in the front part of my 2011 4x4 CC. I liken the sound to a pool ball hitting metal suspension parts. I have been pulling my hair out and wasting money on parts trying to fix it, but with no success. I took it to my local suspension/alignment place and they...
  8. Parts
    I am selling a Nisstec Extended Travel Radflo Ultimate Lift Kit for ‘05+ Frontier. I took this kit off of my 2015 PRO-4x before I sold it recently, and it has under 20k on-road miles on it—everything was installed at the same time. I am located in Nashville, TN, but am open to shipment if...
  9. Vehicles
    I am selling my 2015 PRO-4X crew cab with manual transmission and upgraded suspension. Tires and suspension have just under 20K miles on them, and are still in excellent condition. Obviously this is an awesome truck that is super fun to drive, but I found I needed something with more interior...
  10. 2nd Gen - Suspension
    About to install the SPC UCA on my 2012 frontier this week sometime. I'm currently running radflo 2.0 coilovers. I am going to also install a 1/2" spacer as well. I was wondering if you had any recommendations on caster set up for my truck. Because these UCA are SO adjustable was hoping for some...
1-10 of 10 Results