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  1. Hello from Colorado!

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    Hello All, I picked up a white 2016 Pro-4X CC with the 6-speed and 60k miles a couple weeks ago. I previously had a 2002 Xterra XE V6 4x4 that I loved, but was looking for a more modern ride/some basic amenities. Couldn't be happier with the Frontier so far - the 6th gear is great on the...
  2. New Pro 4-X

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    whats up people. I've had my pro4x for about a year now and was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what truck cap (preferably mid/high rise) would fit my 2018 5' crew cab. thx & much love
  3. 2012 Pro4x question..

    General Discussion
    I am going out of town tomorrow to buy a 2012 nissan frontier pro4x crew cab with the luxury trim. It has only 50000 miles on it. I am excited! I was wondering if the pro4x 2012 luxury came with the tie down cleats and bed extender.. I do not see any in the pictures of it and I may ask for a...
  4. Hey all! New member here!

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    Hey all! I'm a new Frontier 'owner' as of a month ago! The quotations is because my father is a Nissan employee and I have been utilizing the employee lease every year for the past 6 years. All of them have been Frontiers except for a 2013 Titan lol. My dad is about to retire so it was time for...
  5. Rough Country Nerf Bars

    Exterior Mods
    Hey All! I was looking at getting a pair of the RC Nerf Bars for 2 reasons. 1: I think they look pretty slick, 2: my GF has trouble getting into my stock PRO-4X! Does anyone have these or similar nerf bars with a stock lift? I'm really worried about banging up the body so I'm really curious...
  6. Proud new Pro-4x owner

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    Hi all, glad to find this forum. I just bought a 2013 Pro-4x and am excited to own my first pickup. I had an Explorer many years ago, happy to be off-road capable again. My wife and 5yo son and I just moved back to the Pacific Northwest after living in Madrid, Spain for the past year without a...
  7. Frontier Pro-4x front carpets new. - free

  8. F.S. 2015 Pro 4x wheels.(sold on 2/9/20)

    These are in great shape. 16x7,6x114.3,+30. No curbing, could use balancing. $600/bo. Buyer responsible for shipping costs, if any. Thanks for looking
  9. I guess I'm a Frontier Fan...

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    I purchased my third Nissan truck in December, and finally had the Pro-4X logos installed last week. The engine is now broken in, so I decided it would be a good time for a photo as well as my first post. It's been an amazing truck so far, and handles great in the Canadian winter with the Toyo...
  10. Michelin Defender LTX 265/75R16 in SF Bay Area (San Jose)

    THESE TIRES HAVE BEEN SOLD. Selling a set of 4 almost-new Michelin Defender LTX in 265/75R16. They came off of my 2010 P4X. They were mounted at the dealership when I bought the truck back in October of this year. Put a few hundred miles on them before I went with ATs. Asking $500. Sorry...
  11. First Frontier; First Truck

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    Hello from Pittsburgh, PA. I have owned my 2016 Pro-4X for about 5 months now. Was searching Google for torque specs when i found more info than i could ever ask for in this forum. I payed 25k for the truck with only 26k miles on it. Previous owner took decent care of it except for an extremely...
  12. Pro 4x exhaust tip question

    Performance Mods
    I’ve got a 2019 Pro 4X and I was going to put the Flowmaster 40 on but I don’t know which size tip I should go with. I’m looking for something that’s just a good sounding deep rumble. Nothing too loud or obnoxious. Thanks!
  13. Homemade Custom Front & Rear Bumper & Headache Rack

    Exterior Mods
    Just finished putting a video together for this homemade setup and I'm thinking of doing this for a different Frontier except spicing it up a little more and thought I'd turn to this forum for ideas. What should I change or add for the next one? Link:
  14. Hello from NWO

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    Hi all, Found the site while doing some research regarding intake and exhaust systems. I have a 2018 Fronty Pro-4X CC with the 4.0L. Located in Northwestern Ontario Canada. Love to fish and hunt, the only complaints I have about my frontier thus far is that it's not standard and not a little...