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  1. 2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    This is my 2018 s "build" not really building much, pretty much just bolting on parts, not really what I am used to doing but then again I am not trying to build a crawler, I just something practical and capable. Enjoy the videos. I will keep posting as I keep modifying.
  2. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Hello, I’ve read that the 2nd gen tonneaus will fit on the 3rd gens. I have the 3rd gen with a 6ft bed, and I’m looking to get either a soft/hard cap or a bed rack. Does anyone know if caps or racks for the 2nd gen will properly fit the 3rd gens (without having to do any modifications)? Thanks!
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey y'all, I bought my 2014 Frontier Pro-4X as a stock truck with highway tires in early 2020 with hopes to keep up with friends in modded Tacomas and 4Runners, and so far, this truck has not disappointed me. It's not perfect, but has done everything I've asked of it without issue. I've added...
  4. Vehicles
    Just wanted to see roughly how much it would go for. I spend virtually no time offroad any more with my job, so I'm considering other options. Truck has 167k miles. Exterior paint is "fair" to "good" condition; interior is "good" condition. Here are the specs and mods: Titan swap with Radflo...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Thanks for all the great info and resources from Club Frontier members. I figure it was time to ante up. Details to follow.
  6. 2nd Gen - Exterior
    I recently got in to camping and kind of the weekender trips. Wanted to see what others have done to their fronty for camping. I am also looking for ideas on what to add to my rig.
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi Y'all! Just getting around to this now as I've been a member since I bought my 2019 pro 4x back in November!
1-8 of 8 Results