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old man emu
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  1. Parts
    I have a set of used Bilstein 5100s, front and rear. The front shocks come with Old man Emu's light duty coils installed. This setup was installed last fall and has about 2,000 miles on it. It provided ~ 2.5 inches of lift on my 2010 PRO-4X. My wife drives the truck and wasn't a fan of the...
  2. 2nd Gen - Suspension
    Hi everyone, I will be installing a 2” front and rear lift on my CCLB Frontier soon - Front: 2” Lift Coils, Rear: 2” AAL (Long Leaf). My question for everyone: has anyone used Heavy Duty lift coils (Like Old Man Emu 2608, AllDogs Offroad HD) on stock SV shocks? Any issues, suggestions, advice...
1-2 of 2 Results