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  1. Suspension Swap and Noise Help 2005 Frontier SE 4X4

    General Discussion
    Hello I just recently swamped out the front coils, and shocks on my 2005 Nissan Frontier, see parts below I put in new strut mounts and springs. The ride is definitely better, the front end rides higher and is stiffer with more control. My concern is that when I drive over any bump, it is...
  2. Lower Fan Shroud Noise & General Fitment of Plastic Components

    General Discussion
    Yesterday, I got in my truck and started it. I heard a terrible noise coming from the front and shut it off. I was worried it was something to do with the valve train or timing chain. I started it back up hoping the noise would have gone, it didn't so I shut it off again. I decided to open the...
  3. New owner of 2010 Frontier, tires or driveline

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a gently used (68000km/43000miles) crew cab 4x4 frontier. It has pretty aggressive tires on it and not the original size. I have some noise when driving under 50km/hour. When I test drove I was thinking it was just the tires but now am thinking it could be...
  4. Noise after new shocks.

    General Discussion
    I have a 2018 crew cab SV. OE shocks weren’t stout enough so I replaced them with Bilstein on front and rear. Now I have a noise over small bumps at low speeds. Auto shop says it’s not related to shocks/struts but likely in the steering gear. They can recreate the noise by tapping on the...