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  1. 1st Gen Hangout
    I found a set of Gabriel load carrier shocks for a older s10 are just slightly longer than the shocks for a 1st gen, the only difference I found is that the Chevy shocks have ears on the bottom end of the shock instead of a hole ( but it does look like the ears are removable). does anyone think...
  2. 2nd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    Check out my video I did on the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator for the Nissan Frontier. I installed this calibrator successfully on my 2009 pathfinder and it works beautifully. I would suspect due to my success that anyone with a frontier from 2005-2021, an Xterra from 2005-2015, or a...
  3. 2nd Gen - Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    I have not posted in a while on the forum but I thought I would share with the group that I am making the jump to 35 inch tires. To do this, you obviously need to run a large enough lift kit to clear the 35s, commit to trimming your front and rear fenders, and re-gear to a lower gear ratio. So...
  4. Wanted
    Hello, Looking for a windshield for my '93 Kingcab Pickup. current one is busted, and its pretty hard to find one anywhere. Preferably here in Canada.
  5. 2nd Gen - Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Hey everyone I am currently trying to beef up my 2015 nissan frontier sv. it is completely stock and I want to to some modifications to it. I wanna do a 3 inch lift, 32 or 31 inch tires, and some type of body kit whether its fender flares or anything. im open for any ideas even if i did not...
  6. 2nd Gen - DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    I'm trying to replace the right rear ABS/Speed sensor for my 2010 Pro4X. I bought one that was supposed to be the correct one from Rock Auto, but it's not. I don't want to do that again, so looking for some help... Which one(s) are correct? Should be pretty straight forward but the one I bought...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I just purchased a 2018 Nissan Frontier 4.0L SV 4x4 Midnight Edition. I've attached some images of my truck. Feel free to leave any suggestions about mods for my truck!
  8. 7C2B2FE8-370E-40C2-A8EE-1CC2D5BAF1B7.png

    Windshield sticker NISSAN New grill
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey all! so as you can probably tell from my user name, I’m a Toyota guy. Toyota & Ford all the way. In fact, if there’s ever 2 manufacturers I’ve talked crap about... it’s Nissan & Chevy. Not so much based on their performance, more just looks wise. Anyway here I am finding myself looking at a...
  10. 2019 Nissan Frontier SV Midnight Edition

    4x2; New; Stock Rims, Hankook Tires; Tinted Windows; No Upgrades.
  11. Old 2005 Nissan Frontier LE

    4x4; Color: Knight Amour Grey; Stock Nissan Rims; Tires; Toyo Open Country; Rough Country Leveling Kit; Volant Cold Air Intake; Banks Monster Exhaust Kit; Custom Fishing Rod Holders; Kenwood Apple Play Touch Dash; Hertz Interior Audio Speaker System; Pinnacle Tint, 30% Front, 15% Rear; Noise Damping
  12. 2nd Gen - DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    A video from youtuber L1 Automotive Diagnostics and Programming LLC. Keith use Launch X431 V to do special function Radar Calibration on 2017 Cadillac.How is cool. Any guys use the scan tool test this features on Nissan ?
  13. ClubFrontier Polls
    So I’ve been sitting on this for a while. Should I get the hypertech programmer and what are the tunes I should do. I have a 2012 Nissan Frontier SV, will it work on it?
1-13 of 13 Results