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  1. MPG Help

    General Discussion
    Long story short i bought an 05 frontier LE. Drove it home about two hours and got 18-20 MOG. Later in the week it got a misfire code- turns out the catalytic converter had gone to mush. Hallowed out the front passenger and both back converters. A month later I’ve been averaging 13.5-15 MPG...
  2. Best MT for midsize trucks?

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Im currently sitting on 33” trail graps on a 6” lift and thinking of going to a bigger lift and tire. Im considering a 35 on probably a 12 wide wheel, and i love the trail graps, ive ran them on a few different trucks. However, theyve all been full size trucks, and given its the same tire, it...