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  1. 2nd Gen - Drivetrain Discussions
    Hi everyone, Long time admirer and first time Frontier owner here. Please bear with me if this is a commonly asked or dumb question because the info for these trucks is all new to me. I picked up a 2021 Midnight Edition 4x4 a few months ago. I really would have preferred a Pro4X model with the...
  2. 2nd Gen - Drivetrain Discussions
    I've got a 2012 Pro-4x (AT, 4WD) that has a whining rear axle (an M226 I think). I've found a lowish mile 06 Nismo (AT, 2WD) that is being sold for parts with a good rear end, for a good price. My question is, do these two trucks share the same axle, or is a 2WD axle different? Really appreciate...
1-2 of 2 Results