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  1. Maximum lift amount

    How’s it going, I currently have the RC 6 inch lift with bilstein struts set at 1.5 inches of lift and am running 22s and 35s. I’ve been wanting to lift my truck higher for a while, but just don’t want to do a body lift. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, my thoughts are either: A: lift...
  2. New member need insight

    New Member Introductions
    Have a 2000 crewcab im wanting to lift and mod but not sure where to start. Any ideas would be very helpful!!
  3. Body Lift + Coil Lift?

    Has anyone successfully combined a suspension lift with a body lift to get extra tire clearance? I'm looking at the All Dogs Offroad 2" coil lift kit, but want to be able to fit 285-75-16 Wildpeak AT3s. Chad at ADO suggested combining the 2" coil kit with a 1-2" body lift, which is their...
  4. Rear lift options

    I getting ready to install the Bilstein 5100 front struts and rear shocks. I am going to set the front struts for the 1-1/2" lift height but I want to add a small amount of lift to rear to keep some of the factory rake. I have looked at lift blocks, rear shackles and AAL's. Right now, AAL's are...
  5. SOLD Used Nisstec Extended Travel Radflo Ultimate Lift Kit for ‘05+ Frontier

    I am selling a Nisstec Extended Travel Radflo Ultimate Lift Kit for ‘05+ Frontier. I took this kit off of my 2015 PRO-4x before I sold it recently, and it has under 20k on-road miles on it—everything was installed at the same time. I am located in Nashville, TN, but am open to shipment if...
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