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  1. After market headlights or smoked headlights?

    Exterior Mods
    Wassup Gang, I wanted to know if anyone out there has after market headlights on their frontier. I’m in the market for some but don’t know what route to go, I’m debating If I should go after market or stay OEM with the factory ones and do a light smoke film over them. here’s my truck, it’s...

    I am looking to buy OEM headlights and tail lights for my 07 Frontier. The owner before me installed halo headlights and I'm not a big fan because I'm wanting to upgrade to LEDs and the way he wired it is a clusterfuck. So I'm just wanting to start over and so it right. I also need tail lights...
  3. 2018 Headlights - Improvement ideas

    Exterior Mods
    Hi! My 2018 headlights stink. Driving at night is less than ideal, and I"m trying to think of a creative solution. A couple of initial ideas I have: 1. Is there a simple way to improve the performance of my existing stock lights? 2. Is there a high-quality light bulb that I can use to replace...
  4. LED headlamp replacement

    General Discussion
    I've been looking into led lights for my 2006 se cc and from what I've read on the forum this is what I've gathered so far. You can replace the stock bulbs with led's but the housing is not designed for led and thus you may get mixed results. For leds to work as intended you have to buy a led...