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  1. Ok, who was this?? Fess up... Matt's recovery pulling a Nissan PU and a trailer out of the soupy stuff....

    OffRoad / 4x4
    I know this is a Fronty forum but Titan's get buried too.... I love watching this guy snatch people out of near impossible situations. Its amazing what this guy can do with an old 6 banger XJ, some Yankum Ropes and some ingenuity. This guy inspires my son in building the XJ we play with...
  2. upgrading nissan frontier

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Hey everyone I am currently trying to beef up my 2015 nissan frontier sv. it is completely stock and I want to to some modifications to it. I wanna do a 3 inch lift, 32 or 31 inch tires, and some type of body kit whether its fender flares or anything. im open for any ideas even if i did not...
  3. What engines would fit in in an 03 frontier easily?

    1st Gen Hangout
    So, im not sure if I want to do an engine swap for my 03 frontier but I would like to know what would work. I'm not an expert at this stuff whatsoever quite the noobie here so I was just wondering what engines would slide in quite easily with minimal work but one that is faster than a VG33E. My...
  4. Proper ABS Sensor for a 2010 Frontier with M226

    DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    I'm trying to replace the right rear ABS/Speed sensor for my 2010 Pro4X. I bought one that was supposed to be the correct one from Rock Auto, but it's not. I don't want to do that again, so looking for some help... Which one(s) are correct? Should be pretty straight forward but the one I bought...
  5. [SOLD] 2018 Frontier - Midnight Edition - Baltimore, MD

    [ SOLD ] August 2020 (back to Dealership I bought it from. Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie, MD) ------------------------- Selling my 2018 Nissan Frontier - SV - Crew Cab - Midnight Edition Asking 25,000 or BEST OFFER. Now asking 24,000 or best offer Great truck, selling to upgrade to bigger bed...
  6. Nissan Frontier Sales..

    General Discussion
    Hey, just wanted to post some sales numbers to show how well the Nissan Frontier is selling and in general, how many vehicles Nissan is selling. 2020 Nissan Frontier Sales Figures I can post some more in depth numbers if anyone is interested!
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    Windshield sticker NISSAN New grill
  8. Additional Lift to Fabtech 6in lift

    OffRoad / 4x4
    I currently have a 6in fabtech lift on my 2013 frontier SV 4x4, and I was wondering if anyone has tried going an additional 2inches front and back by either using a bilstein adjustable front shock or lift puck? And adjustable rear shackles or add a leaf? I'm pretty sure someone has done it...
  9. 2007 Nissan frontier $7000

    This truck had the cooling system fail two years after I bought it, apparently there is a design flaw in the transmission cooler and if the engine overheats the transmission can take on engine coolant and visa versa. The transmission is toast and the entire cooling system needs to be replaced...
  10. Hello from Georgia - Home of the Free

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys & Girls, New member here and happy to have found you. Just purchased my Frontier 4x4 SV couple weeks ago. So far so good, and now find myself shopping for items to bring the looks and function of my truck up to my personal taste and needs. So, with that said, I can't wait to start...
  11. Ok, which one of you bozos is this?

    General Discussion
    So who was it? C'mon, own up!
  12. New member looking for input!!! Please read!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all! so as you can probably tell from my user name, I’m a Toyota guy. Toyota & Ford all the way. In fact, if there’s ever 2 manufacturers I’ve talked crap about... it’s Nissan & Chevy. Not so much based on their performance, more just looks wise. Anyway here I am finding myself looking at a...
  13. 59” Tool Box in Bed

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, Wonderjng if anyone might be able to help - I found a nice Delta Tool Box for 100$CAD and wanted to buy it to bolt to my Utilitrack system in the bed. I know in theory the bed is about 60” wide, but does anyone know if I’ll be able to fit the 59.5” wide tool box between the bed...
  14. Drivetrain Service

    DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    I felt the need to give back and make a little DIY to help who ever when servicing the front, rear and transfer case fluids. I’ve finally accrued supplies needed to do this and for peace of mind I felt I needed to because my Fronty(06’ SE CC A/T 4x4) is at 242k(3k of my ownership); This is my DD...
  15. New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Aloha! I’ve been a long time lurker and decided to finally join the forum; I’m a little shy, is why I haven’t joined until now, but I have to say; you all have been really helpful with “Toothless” and I’m very appreciative of that! I have an 06’ SE CC @240k miles as a dailydriven, off-road fun...
  16. Vents/Heating on Pass. side not working properly!

    General Discussion
    Just noticed this morning driving into work that all the vents (floor, defrost and dash) on my passenger side where blowing out cold air! Even when set to 90° the driver side vents are blowing hot air, and the passenger side is blowing cold air. Any one ever have this issue before? 2016 Cc Sv...
  17. 06 Frontier Drivetrain/4WD/ABS Issues

    Drivetrain Discussions
    Good morning, I have 2006 Frontier 4x4 and having some issues below and I hope someone kindly advises me where to look or check. 1. ABS light is ON 2. 4WD did not work. When I drive on 2WD I can see the graphic indicator on left is showing my RWD but when I switch to 4WD (High or Low), the...
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