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  1. Reverse Issues

    General Discussion
    Has anyone ever has issues going into reverse? It takes a high RPM for it to clunk into reverse. Sometimes it’ll do it smoothly, other times it takes me giving it gas. If you watch the back drive shaft, it makes a clicking noise and it swivels back and forth until i give it enough gas for it to...
  2. VQ40de- difference between 07’ vs. 16’

    Drivetrain Discussions
    I just got a new engine for my 07’ frontier. It is a 2016 4.0 L with 15,000 miles. What is the difference between the two engines? Is it only the electronics? I’m planning on swapping all the electronics from the 07’ (including ECM) to the 16’ engine and am going to bolt to a 2018 transmission...
  3. Engine power loss with brake light on

    General Discussion
    2006 Frontier 4x4 4.0 it starts and idles almost perfect. If your not paying attention you might never hear it. You can peddle it in park or neutral to about 3500rpm. Put it in drive and put it to the floor. I thinks about spinning the tires but goes about 7 mph. You can peddle it to make it...
  4. Grinding noise after timing chain install

    General Discussion
    So I recently changed my timing chain in my 07 4.0 frontier, I just got done building it back up, and when I turn it on there is almost a grinding noise coming from the front of the engine. I installed new guides, new tensioners, new chains, new sprockets all around, and triple checked the...
  5. How\where do I find an engine!

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    I'm trying to find a new engine for my 2006 frontier, used or rebuilt. I can't spend an arm and a leg right now. I've called several places with rebuilt or used engines, some with short warranties, others with 3-5yr warranties. One guy was on the phone with me for a while. He didn't have one but...
  6. 2012 Pro 4x power loss

    General Discussion
    Hello, I am looking for a direction to diagnose a little problem. My truck has been run great until this morning. It cranked over for a very long time compared to the past. It eventually started, but as I was trying to accelerate (6 speed manual) it just didn’t seem right. When I got on the...
  7. Third party Harmonic Balancer for 3.3l Supercharged.

    1st Gen Hangout
    I am having a real difficult time finding a Harmonic Balancer for my 2003 Supercharged Frontier, aside from the dealer part. Does anyone know if such a beast exist? Every time I search for a HB for Supercharged, I get results for the naturally aspirated one (the words 'not compatible with...
  8. 2006 Frontier 4cyl exhaust leak

    General Discussion
    I have a exhaust leak but not sure where. I hear it close to the manifold does anyone have some advice on how to pinpoint where it’s leaking? I will be doing it myself and have read about taking off the manifold any tips to help it suck less? Thanks
  9. 2007 Frontier oil gauge doesn’t work

    General Discussion
    I have a 07 Frontier with 4 cyl 112000 miles and the oil pressure gauge doesn’t move it stays at the bottom. I don’t have any check engine light or oil lights the gauge just doesn’t move. What could this be? The engine sounds like it has a exhaust leak could this be related? Thanks in advance