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  1. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    So my 2022 Pro-X camera stopped displaying on the infotainment screen. When I go into reverse, the infotainment screen doesn't change and just stays on the home screen. When the car is on and idle, pushing the "Camera" button just below the infotainment screen doesn't do anything. I even tried...
  2. 2nd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    I have a 2010 Frontier I shorted my 12v to my alternator and have been having trouble diagnosing it for over a month now. The starter cranks, radiator fan comes on, and a code reader sends me is09141 which is a connection error. Is it possible I blew my ecm or alternator?
  3. 2nd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    What does the sensor on the negative battery cable do? I've found a few conflicting answers. I need to replace the cable but it seems like it needs a specific one. Any harm in using a cable without a sensor?
1-3 of 3 Results