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  1. Parts
    3 Inch diameter steel driveshaft. With yolk and flange ready to mount. Replaces oem aluminum driveshaft. U joints are good. All parts are from Spicer. Custom made from Inland Empire Driveline in Ontario Ca. No issues no problems. Have any questions? Please ask away.
    $400 USD
  2. 2nd Gen - Drivetrain Discussions
    I have a 2013 Frontier SV V6 2WD. I noticed a leak where the transmission meets the driveshaft. I think it’s an Extention Housing Oil Seal leak? Has anyone replaced it yourself? Looking for advice.
  3. General Discussion
    Good morning all, Just got some coffee and wanted some tips or input/ pick at some brains as for what I should do about this small driveline vibe I begin to get over 45mph, since adding a leaf to the pack. Briefly, before adding the leaf- I had installed B5100 set to 2” at the front and...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a gently used (68000km/43000miles) crew cab 4x4 frontier. It has pretty aggressive tires on it and not the original size. I have some noise when driving under 50km/hour. When I test drove I was thinking it was just the tires but now am thinking it could be...
1-4 of 4 Results