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drive shaft

  1. Extension Housing Seal Leak?

    Drivetrain Discussions
    I have a 2013 Frontier SV V6 2WD. I noticed a leak where the transmission meets the driveshaft. I think it’s an Extention Housing Oil Seal leak? Has anyone replaced it yourself? Looking for advice.
  2. Reverse Issues

    General Discussion
    Has anyone ever has issues going into reverse? It takes a high RPM for it to clunk into reverse. Sometimes it’ll do it smoothly, other times it takes me giving it gas. If you watch the back drive shaft, it makes a clicking noise and it swivels back and forth until i give it enough gas for it to...
  3. U-Joint/Drive shaft help!

    General Discussion
    I think my U-joint(s) (is there only ONE?) needs replacing. I hear a metallic clunk when a start up from a stop or slow to a stop. I looked under my 2008 SE (210,000 miles) and it looks like there is a U-joint at the front, a connection (carrier bearing?) in the middle and then no U-joint in...