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  1. 2nd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    I ordered an Atoto A6. It’s taking forever to arrive, but my backup camera is here. My question is, does the Atoto have the option to rotate the camera 180 degrees? The one that I got goes upside down and if I want to install it where the oem camera would go, I would have to rotate the video...
  2. General Discussion
    BACK OVER PREVENTION: SENSING SYSTEM: CAMERA The lack of an image in the back-up camera display increases the risk of a crash. NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V654000 Components: BACK OVER PREVENTION: SENSING SYSTEM: CAMERA Summary Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan) is recalling certain 2018-2019...
1-2 of 2 Results