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  1. Nissan Frontier Pro-4x Bull Bar

    Exterior Mods
    Hey guys I finally got my bull bar installed on my 2015 Frontier Pro-4x! I absolutely love the look it gives the truck. Heres the link to the bar Topline Autopart Textured Black AVT Style Bull Bar Brush Push Front Bumper Grill Grille Guard With Skid Plate For 05-19 Nissan Frontier...
  2. Checking interest in importing $700 winch bumpers from overseas.

    I have spoken with an overseas manufacturer of off-road parts and accessories about importing their bumpers here. In order to make the minimum manufacturing order I need to buy 5 (of any one type). I am checking to see if other people would be interested in the bumpers. I want one for my truck...
  3. White Rhino light bar

    Exterior Mods
    Hey y'all. So with the lockdown in my state, I figured I would do some work on my truck I'd been waiting on. I ordered the light bar for a 1 piece plastic bumper truck (2014) from White Rhino, and was happily surprised when they got it shipped out quickly. When I opened it up, though, I saw that...
  4. Mounting a bull bar on 2019 SV Crew Cab

    Exterior Mods
    Guidance would be appreciated on the following. I want to add a bull bar to my 2019 SV. Obviously, the right side tow hook needs to come off. The issue is making a cut-out on the underside plastic air dam/splash guard to expose the other mounting point on left side of the frame. I'm looking...