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bilstein shocks

  1. Anyone know whats wrong with my suspension, after adding new shocks?

    General Discussion
    All, So I recently added a Bilstein 5100 to my frontier front struts, it drove amazing for about 50 miles, then the left side of the car (after going on any bump no matter what size), it feels like somthing is vibrating (metal noise) from the front left size. my steering also shimmies on some...
  2. 2015 Pro-4x Bilstein factory shocks Front/Back 24kmiles Bay Area, California

    For Sale: 2 rear shocks, 2 front shocks. Factory Frontier Pro-4X Bilstein. Have 23Kmiles on them. Very good condition, no leaks and good pressure. $55 for all 4. Located in Palo Alto, California. [email protected]
  3. Bilstein 4600s with aftermarket Moog springs?

    Hi all, I have a 2012 Pro-4X that I bought not too long ago and I'm looking to replace my shocks soon. Now, one side has the stock Bilstien coilover but the other side has an unknown brand coilover. The stock coil spring is pretty rusty so I want to replace the springs, plus I want them to be...
  4. SOLD Used Nisstec Extended Travel Radflo Ultimate Lift Kit for ‘05+ Frontier

    I am selling a Nisstec Extended Travel Radflo Ultimate Lift Kit for ‘05+ Frontier. I took this kit off of my 2015 PRO-4x before I sold it recently, and it has under 20k on-road miles on it—everything was installed at the same time. I am located in Nashville, TN, but am open to shipment if...
  5. No Longer for Sale - 2015 PRO-4X Crew Cab 6-Speed Manual - Nashville, TN

    I am selling my 2015 PRO-4X crew cab with manual transmission and upgraded suspension. Tires and suspension have just under 20K miles on them, and are still in excellent condition. Obviously this is an awesome truck that is super fun to drive, but I found I needed something with more interior...
  6. [No Longer Available] Bilstein 5100's with new Moog springs, top hats, isolators, and hardware. $325 shipped.

    Never installed. I bought these with the intention of using OME springs but ended up installing a full Dobinsons kit on my '06 Nismo instead. I found a good deal on the Moog springs and figured I would go ahead and put them together. They are setup for 1" of lift but I will be glad to set them...
  7. Tire Carrier, Rear Prerunner Bumper, Shocks, Shackles, Wheel Spacers

    All the following parts have been removed from my truck and are for sale. Prices do not include shipping. Tire carrier & bumper for local pickup only. Located in SoCal. HEPS Design Tire Carrier - SOLD Prerunner Style Rear Bumper - SOLD Bilstein 5125 Rear Shocks - SOLD PRG Rear Lift Shackles -...