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bilstein 5100
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  1. Suspension
    Hello, I've got a question about the 5100's. Previous owner of my truck (2006 KC, V6, 6MT , 4x4) Did a modest lift around the truck. Rancheros in the front, looks like a 2" lift. Rough country's in the back with a 1.5" Lift Block. Rear shocks are blown, and I want to replace the Rough...
  2. Suspension
    Hello all, I know there are probably many post and threads about this issue, I’ve read most of them but can’t seem to find consensus. The details: 06’ Fronty, SPC uca’s, coil buckets ground (no contact at full drop) 2” spacer over coilover, Billstein 5100 at lowest setting’ new inner and outer...
  3. Parts
    Selling my bilstein 5100 (upgraded to radflos) - 100$ 7k miles on them. Fronts set to 1.5 inch lift Front r180 diff 3.35 gears (upgraded to m205) - 114k miles... no idea on price make me an offer? 100-300? Also have axles same mileage Coastal front bumper (super slim didnt fit in with the rest...
  4. Suspension
    Hello, I plan on lifting my 2016 frontier with the Bilstein 5100 set at 1.5inches. I was wondering if I do need to get adjustable cam bolts like the ones from PRG.
  5. Suspension
    Hey so I was wondering if it would be okay and good if I get the bils5100 and set them to 1.5inch and then put a .5inch spacer on top of that. Everything else would be stock(UCAs). And if anyone has this setup please let me know how it ride and add a couple pics of what it looks like. Thanks.
  6. OffRoad / 4x4
    Hi, I'm a newer member here but recently lifted my 2019 crew cab pro 4x. Used an AAL pack and bilstein 5100 setup in the rear and bilstein 5100 set to 2" in the front while keeping the OEM coil springs. If I get new coils I'm looking at the Alldog Offroad front medium coils. I love how my truck...
1-6 of 6 Results