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  1. Backup Camera Constantly Beeps

    General Discussion
    When I am in reverse the camera always beeps even though nothing is directly behind the truck. Is there an adjustment I can make? I bought the truck used and it doesn't have a warranty
  2. Installing Pioneer Caplay stereo in 2012 Frontier

    Audio / Video
    Maybe it will be helpful for others. I couldn't find an up to date end-to-end guide how to rip off the original stereo in my Nissan Frontier 2012 SV and replace it with 2din Carplay stereo, plus backup camera. So I've spent few days on researching, bought the wrong harness, then bought the right...
  3. 2019 frontier stock radio wire harness colors to retain backup camera on a new head unit Pionner AVH-2250NEX

    Audio / Video
    Hi guys, I just bought a 2019 frontier and does anyone know what colors are the 2 wires on the stock radio harness that I need to hook up and splice a male RCA to connect to my new head unit Pionner AVH-2250NEX for my backup camera to work? I've searched the site but can't pinpoint the 2 wire...
  4. Backup camera intermittent functionality

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    I bought a used 2014 Pro 4X with the Rockford Fosgate sound system that never worked right. It would reboot, never remember the mp3 it was playing from the USB and in general a crap radio although the sound quality was good. Now I'm having an issue with the backup camera where it may or may...
  5. Powering an eRapta ERT01 backup camera in a 2010 6MT Frontier

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    My most recent project on my Frontier has been to swap out the head unit and add a backup camera to match the setup I have on my other vehicle. I ordered a Sony XAV-AX1000 from Crutchfield, and installed it yesterday. I also ran the harness for the eRapta ERT01 backup camera through the dash and...