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  1. 2019 HU and Speaker install update

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    I put this in a different post, but it was a very specific post. I mentioned that I would send out an update on my progress. Installed into a 2019 Nissan Frontier SV 4dr: JL Audio c1-690 (separates) front/dash installed. Used system wiring – connected the inline crossover at tweeter location...
  2. Wiring question

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    hey errybody... so - when running new speaker wire to the front (I am installing JL 690) and will be using the provided inline cross-over - but want to run new wires, should I solder from the Factory harness, or solder to the AM harness, and just dead-end (or de-pin) where it connects to the...
  3. Help!! Stereo/speaker/amp problems

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    So, I bought an after market stereo, hooked it up, sounds like garbage, I posted a forum addressing this issue, I read into it and bought new speakers. Still sounds like garbage. (The stereo can go up to 60 on the volume but sounds distorted after 32, and just gets worse the louder you go.) is...
  4. Speaker Configuration question

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    Hey guys. New here, but ive been reading lots about the current designs and set-ups, dos and donts, etc. I have a pretty Odd question, I suppose. I have a 4Dr 2019 SE with the 6 speaker set up. I switched out the stock 6x9's with some 3-ways I like and will be upgrading the entire system as...