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  1. Suspension
    I've found a deal on a pair of new-old-stock Alldogs Add-a-leaves 1.5" lift for $60. Haven't found a lot of information on the nature of the behavior of the rear suspension, both with and without the factory overload leaves installed on this site. Anyone have any insights to share?
  2. Suspension
    Question for Alldogs Offroad... You list a modified tophat for using early Tundra shocks with a Titan Swap. Is there a particular reason why this is specifically for a Titan swap, as opposed to using such tophats to use such shocks on a Frontier with the conventional D40 lower control arm? I...
  3. Drivetrain Discussions
    I did a quick run through the stickies and common problems but didn't see much talk about the alldogs rear diff vent. Has anyone put this on their rig? And what do you think of it? Year mileage..thanks!