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  1. Suspension
    Finally got around to installing my ADO add-a-leafs. The directions were honestly inaequate: No mention of shocks topping-out at full extension before the axle comes loose from the leafpack Leaving out unhooking brake lines and ABS wires from their hooks No itemized step for removing the...
  2. Suspension
    Picked up a new-old-stock current Alldogs 1.5" add-a-leaf kit that seems to have all the hardware, but the directions were not present, and it doesn't look like there's a PDF online of the install instructions. Anyone have torque specs for the center pin nut through the leafpack and for the...
  3. Suspension
    I've found a deal on a pair of new-old-stock Alldogs Add-a-leaves 1.5" lift for $60. Haven't found a lot of information on the nature of the behavior of the rear suspension, both with and without the factory overload leaves installed on this site. Anyone have any insights to share?